3 Tips That Will Help Keep Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

We all want our baby sleeping longer, so we can get some rest too. Here are 3 Tips That Will Help Keep Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night.

1. Feeding your baby right before putting your baby to bed. What wakes some babies is hunger - so make sure their bellies are nice and full before putting them to bed.

2. Change diaper and add a thick layer of diaper ointment. What wakes some babies is the burning feeling of a rash - with an extra thick layer of ointment you protect your baby's skin from the moisture that can cause a diaper rash. Learn more about preventing diaper rash here.

3. Set a consistent bedtime routine so your baby knows it is almost bedtime. Same time and do the exact same things in the same order - Relaxing bath, feed, change, and kisses.

We hope this helps keep your little angel sleep longer.


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