5-10-20 Minute Tips To A More Blissful You

We know that you love your baby and that you are an incredible mommy. But do not forget to love yourself too, here are 5-10-20 minute tips that will bring your closer to a more blissful you.


Mindful Breathing - find a quiet space, sit in any way that is comfortable and just breath. Put your attention on your breath, when thoughts arise just watch them like a cloud and then refocus on your breath. You don't have to control your breath, but if you want you can begin to take deeper longer inhales and exhales with a slight pause in between. 

Self Massage - put some almond or coconut oil on your palms and rub your shoulders for as long as you like, if you have a hubby or a buddy you can exchange messages. It is such a great way to bond and relieve stress at the same time. You can also add some mint or lavender oil for aroma therapy.

Dance Party - If you are feeling energized and want to release it, put on your favorite song, let loose and have a dance party.


Barefoot Walk On Grass - We have pressure points at the bottom of our feet that relieve anxiety and stress. Simply walking barefoot outside will give you acupressure on all of those points. You can also get an acupressure mat.

Watch The Sunset - Simply google “when does the sunset” and set an alert on your phone. This is something you can do with the whole family or enjoy alone. 

Cold and Hot Shower - This is a great way to send some natural feel good endorphins to your body. Flip your water back and forth for a few minutes on warm then really cold. Do not do it if your immune system is low, like during a cold or your period. 

Tea Time - Make yourself a mint or camomile cup of tea. I recommend using a round shaped cup without handles because the warmth of holding the cup in your palms has been scientifically proven to decrease anxiety and stress levels.


Take A Nature Walk - Take a nature stroll outside, try to eliminate being close to cars because you do not want to inhale the fumes or be around loud sounds. 

Salt Scrub - Before you shower or take a bath scrub your entire body with either a salt scrub or exfoliating body brush. This is such an incredible way to detoxify your body and increase blood-flow contributing to those feel good endorphins rushing through your body. 

Epsom Salt Bath - Salt helps to remove impurities and cleanse your energy resetting you back to your natural peaceful self. Add candle light and lavender oil to add your relaxing experience.

Remember to Love Yourself!  

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