• One Hand Diaper Cream Applicator

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This is so awesome! Now my husband doesn't mind applying diaper cream.

Emily Anderson, Richardson TX

My son loves how gentle it is on his sensitive skin.

Jane Sue, Los Angeles CA

Look!! Now my nails won’t have white residue under them lol

Rayna Dannae, Dallas TX

This is perfect for my squirmy little guy.

Bethany Miller, LA California

As a pediatric nurse, I love this product because it is hygienic and safe.

Nicole Kerbow, Pediatric Nurse

2019 Winner Moms of Choice Award

SwipenSnap™ Diaper Cream Applicator was granted the highest Gold Award by Moms.

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Super soft and gentle BPA Free applicator is delicate on your baby's skin.


No more diaper cream getting stuck under your nails or getting on your clothes.


Apply diaper cream with just one hand while safely holding your baby with the other.