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Meet SwipenSnap™

SwipenSnap™ is the world's first and only Patented One Hand Diaper Cream Applicator that allows you to quickly apply diaper cream in seconds while keeping your fingers clean from the zinc oxide and baby safe from falls. Works with almost all diaper cream brands see full list here.

Soft & Gentle

"I love the super soft tip applicator that is delicate on my babies skin."

Mary Sue, Los Angeles CA

Easy To Clean

Simply wipe clean with a sanitary wipe!

Mess Free

"Look!! Now my nails won’t have white residue under them."

Rayna Dannae, Dallas TX


"Now I can now keep my squirmy little guy safe while applying the diaper cream." 

Bethany Miller, LA California

#1 Pediatrician Recommend

"I recommend this diaper cream applicator, because it is more hygienic than using your fingers."

Nicole Kerbow, Pediatric Nurse

Moms Love SwipenSnap!

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