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Since SwipenSnap™ Diaper Cream Applicator is such a unique invention we are here to answer all of your questions such as:

What is SwipenSnap? SwipenSnap is an easier way of applying diaper cream! Super soft and flexible applicator is gentle on your babies skin while super quick and easy for you. Win-Win!

What diaper creams does it work with? See full list of compatible diaper rash cream brands here

Is SwipenSnap Soft? Of coarse!! The applicator tip is super soft and gentle on your babies skin.

What are the main benefits of using SwipenSnap? SwipenSnap is super awesome because it is: 

SAFE - allows you to apply diaper cream with just one hand while safely holding your baby with the other. 

HYGIENIC - because it prevents any germs that may be on your fingers from transferring onto your baby’s skin. 

CLEAN - keeps your hands clean from the water-resistant diaper cream. 

GENTLE - super soft applicator tip is delicate on your baby’s skin.

EASY - allows to apply diaper cream in seconds. 

How do I assemble SwipenSnap?

1. Replace the cap of the diaper cream with the SwipenSnap soft tip applicator.

2. Attach the SwipenSnap suction base lid onto any hard surface near your changing station.

3. Place SwipenSnap applicator with the tube attached into the docked suction cup base lid.


How do I use SwipenSnap? 

1Pull the tube from the suction lid. 

2. Squeeze the desired amount of cream, it will land on the soft applicator tip.

3. Swipe the cream onto your baby's skin.

4. Snap the SwipenSnap back into the docked lid - all with just one hand!

How do I clean SwipenSnap? Use a sanitary wipe (or baby wipe) to clean the applicator tip. You can also use soap and water or throw it in the dishwasher.

Can I reuse SwipenSnap? Yes, simply detach the applicator from the empty tube, clean it and attach it onto the new one diaper cream. SwipenSnap is super durable and will last you many uses, but you are welcome to get a new one every month for a subscription price of $7 per month - subscribe at checkout (cancel anytime).

Is SwipenSnap Hygienic? Absolutely! It is Lab-Certified Tested and proven to be hygienic - Read a Pediatricians Case Study Here

How much time will it save me? SwipeSnap will save you about two minutes every diaper change - and with an average of eight diapers per day that is a total of sixteen minutes per day, adding up to almost 100 hours per year!

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