Shark Tank SwipenSnap Story

Alina Kravchenko SwipenSnap Shark Tank Story

"This is me on Shark Tank, breaking free from my cocoon of fears and flying free. Because it is only by going through the darkness of your fears that you become light. And it is only when you are light that you will finally be ready to fly." Alina Kravchenko, CEO & Inventor

 It was 2009 when my son was born. I was only twenty three, and I was all he had. The economy had collapsed and even with my Pratt Institute degree, I could not find a stable job. I worked three odd jobs while I was pregnant, it was one of the most physically and emotionally hardest times of my life. 

After facing my greatest fear being alone and pregnant, I felt fearless. It was when I felt God, a warm presence inside of me that I could not explain. It was something I could not touch or see, but it felt more real real than anything that I have ever seen or touched.

I let go of the plan I had for myself and let God lead me where I was meant to be. I guess that is called faith. And faith is what guided me to trust, even if my logical mind would tell me that all odds are against me.

At the core of my being, I had this deep warm and loving knowing that anything is possible with God. 

I had always dreamed of being an inventor as a child, I had a journal filled with various products that could make peoples lives easier. When I became a single mom and was faced with the struggles of applying the messy water-resistant ointment on my son while trying to keep one hand on him at all times (as my pediatrician strongly urged me to, to prevent him from falling). I thought about all of the parents that had to face the same problem, over and over again.

I was determined to create a solution. I prayed and asked God to help me. And the very next morning when I was changing my son the idea came to me, it was like a gift from a higher source. I saw it in my minds eye, a soft and flexible applicator connected to the tube and a suction cup based lid that the tube would snap in and out of.

I felt this intense force guiding telling me to file for a patent. I had no money nor knowledge of how to even write a Patent, so I called the Patent office and spoke with a lady that suggested a book on "How To Patent It Yourself". I spent hours working on it while my baby was asleep. 

It was over five years later that I was Awarded a US Utility Patent for the One Hand Diaper Cream Applicator I named SwipenSnap. I knew with all my heart I had to bring it to life and share its benefits with others. I quit my corporate America job, moved back home with my mom and began the journey of making my dream come true. 

God only knows what I went through those first three years, I wanted to give up so many times but something deep inside of me would not let me no matter how hard things got. In my heart I believe it was God telling me, keep going you are almost there. 

Now after over ten years after inventing SwipenSnap my dream has finally come true, I met the Sharks on Shark Tank! And I can finally now say that I always knew at my very core that was the path that God had for me. 

SwipenSnap™ is more than a diaper cream applicator, it is literally over ten minutes saved a day, an anxiety reliever (from the stress of your baby potentially rolling off the changing table), and a mess preventer. For those of you who have dealt with the water-resistant diaper cream getting stuck under your nails and ruining your favorite outfits, you know what I am talking about.

But even more than that, it is my dream come true! May SwipenSnap keep your baby safe and save you time so you can spend more of it covering your baby with kisses and love.

Alina Kravchenko
Serial Inventor | CEO