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Common Types of Diaper Rash Symptoms

What is a diaper rash and what does it look like? As a new mom and a registered nurse, I was not really sure what a diaper rash looked like. I had seen babies in the hospital with a red bottom, but we just put diaper rash cream on their bottoms and sent them on their way. When it was my baby, I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking for. With diaper rash, there are different kinds and different causes of the red rash you see on your baby’s bottom. Knowing the types of rash symptoms can help treat it and when a trip to the doctor's office is warranted.

Contact Dermatitis

This is the most common type of diaper rash with the most recognizable symptoms. This type of diaper rash is a flat, red, irritated looking skin on the baby’s bottom. It can be very mild and slightly red or can be darker and more widespread. Sometimes this type of rash can be in the folds of the diaper. These types of symptoms are mainly caused by wetness. Baby’s who stay in a diaper longer are more prone to this type of rash. Diaper rash cream applied to this type of rash will usually treat this simple redness and irritation.

Yeast Infection Diaper Rash

Yeast is a type of fungal infection that loves dark, wet areas. Babies are especially prone to this type of rash if they or a breastfeeding mom has been on antibiotics recently. This type of rash produces a scaly rash with a slightly raised border around the area. The rash may have a white, flakey appearance as well. The area may also be in patches instead of one area on the bottom. Usually, this type of rash does not clear with the routine diaper rash cream and may need an antifungal prescription from the doctor.

Allergy Diaper Rash

A diaper rash can result from an allergy. It can be an allergy to the disposable diaper material, a fragranced baby wipe, a food the baby or breastfeeding mom eats, or can be from a bar of soap or detergent. This type of rash can look like a dermatitis red rash. Sometimes the area can be swollen, but with this type, it does not clear with a cream. The irritant needs to be eliminated to clear the baby’s bottom. Parents should keep a log of when something new is used or eaten.

Bacterial Rash

When a diaper rash becomes more severe it can be caused by bacteria. This type of diaper rash looks different. It is usually very red, raised pimples on the bottom and can have oozing pus or even have a bad smell. Any broken skin on the baby can let bacteria in. Staph infections and strep skin infections can be very serious and do require a doctor visit to treat. Baby's skin is extremely sensitive and is prone to breakdown and irritation.

The most important things parents can do is keep the baby clean, dry, and protected with a diaper rash cream. Parents should use an applicator like the SwipenSnap to apply diaper rash cream to a baby’s diaper rash. This applicator goes on very gently and keeps babies bottoms and parent's hands clean. New moms and dads can protect their little ones by learning and recognizing everything they can about diaper rash and how to treat.


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