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Meet Alina, Houston Mom Inventor & CEO

She is raising her son alone while inventing some pretty incredible products.

It is inspiring to watch her light up with joy as she begins to speak about her big grand plan – to invent products that make women’s lives better. She says “No matter how challenging it gets, everyday that I run my company is a privilege and an opportunity that women haven’t had before and in many countries still don’t.”

Alina is the Founder and CEO of Better Way Goods, LLC and owns several US Utility patents for innovations like SwipenSnap the one hand diaper cream applicator. Yes that is right she figured out a way for you to apply diaper ointment with just one hand, you have to see it to believe it! Watch how it works here: swipensnap.com

She shares how the idea of SwipenSnap came to her:  “When Ayden started crawling diaper changes became a wrestling match – my pediatrician would always advise me to keep one hand on him the entire time to prevent him from falling. This was super difficult to do with just one hand, plus the water-resistant ointment was impossible to wash off my hands. I needed a solution, but when I could not find one I was determined to invent one! While Ayden was sleeping, I worked meticulously on the prototype and filed for the patent in 2009.”

I will never forget the moment I received the news from my patent attorney (almost six years later) “You are awarded a US Utility Patent for the Diaper Cream Applicator!”. Soon after that I quit my full-time job, drained most of my savings to buy the first batch of inventory and launched  swipensnap.com. The following year I won a pitch event at Station Houston and met an awesome angel investor who mentored me on the business side of how to run a company. It was like all of the stars aligned for me, I feel truly grateful.”

Her company is Women-Owned with the mission of uniting all mothers on their journey to motherhood by giving them the tools like the SwipenSnap to make their lives easier. And she is not stopping there, she plans on bringing even more innovative products to life, so be sure to follow her on journey @swipensnap.

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