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Really Cool Mom Invented Baby Products

Moms know all too well about all of the challenges when taking care of newborn babies. Here are some really cool mom invented baby products that make taking care of a baby a little easier. 

1. The Original Woombie 

The Woobie was created by Karen Barski a mom who was tired of redoing the blanket that kept her baby in swaddle position. So she created a swaddle blanket, but with a more secure and convenient function a zipper to prevent newborns from waking up from a nap every time and becoming fussy, this allows them from freeing themselves of the swaddle, staying calm for longer yet still allowing them to be mobile. Support her company while keeping your baby cozy, get yours at

2. Baby Blowout Blocker 

A mom of three created the first and only extension to attach to your baby's diaper from having accidents and messy blowouts that would have to lead to extra outfits changes, car seat cleaning or even yourself. She wanted to do less laundry and sleep more, so she created a leaker soaker extension to add to any diaper, which covers the front, back, and sides from leakage. This also helped with fewer diaper changes during the night since it absorbs all around as well. So here’s to the extra sleep at nights and less mess to clean up in the mornings for moms. Get yours here

3. SwipenSnap Diaper Cream Applicator


Swipensnap is the world's first and only one hand diaper cream applicator created by Alina Kravchenko,a mom determined to find a solution to the diaper rash cream from getting under her nails and leaving marks on her clothing. It’s more hygienic than using your own fingers. It only requires one hand to apply and the other hand can be used to hold your baby since it has a suction-based lid. The applicator itself has a soft and comfortable feel your baby will love and it is pediatrician approved. So save yourself time and get back to what you love. Get yours here 

4. The WubbaNub Pacifier

Newborns want all the attention, which means that moms need a moment to breathe as well. The pacifier has been around for generations, which helps comfort a baby while the mom can get other tasks done, but what happens when you walk away and the tiny pacifier falls out and away from the baby over and over again? Carla Schneider a mother decided to sew her baby's favorite plush toy to the pacifier so that it could have something to grasp onto with its little tiny hands. Get yours at

5. Bare Air-Free Bottle

After just two weeks of usage your baby’s acid reflux, in addition to gas and colic issues can be cured with the replacement of this baby bottle invented by Priska Diaz, device that help feed your baby while in an upright position even if the bottle is turned upside down no air flows through the bottle, which helps your baby stay clear from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux​ disease) lets the baby control the flow and the pace of feeding themselves. Get yours here

6. LatchPal


LatchPal is a breastfeeding shirt clip that holds up a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding.  LatchPal eliminates shirt re-positioning and feeding disruptions while helping a mother nurse hands-free and in greater comfort to maximize milk flow. Get yours here



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